Friday, April 29, 2011

Photos for my friend Sumatran Rat Monkey on TMP

Okay, so we were discussing Heavy Gear figures and comparisons of the old RAFM 20mm scale Heavy Gear miniatures for use with 28mm figures for men in powered armor, robotic or cyborg battle armor, and the like.  I offered to show him some for scale purposes posed with a variety of miniatures for scale.  I dumped the photos into Pages, converted them to a PDF and then used Adobe to convert them to JPG formats for Blogger - a bit of a process, but I hope you enjoy and find it helpful!  First up two raw photos of RAFM 20mm figures next to various GW, Warzone, and Old Glory figures.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Dystopian Wars - my latest diversionary project!

Here is the beginning work on my Dystopian Wars Prussian fleet - the battleship is going well, just some touch-up here and there, followed by some detail work and camoflage stripes on the hull.  The cruisers are a bit behind, but I've been experimenting on getting them to "look right" according to the box.  Thus far they look alright, some details, stripes and an emblem here and there, and they will do nicely.  My friend Jeff bought the British Empire and we are going to get together and try out the rules and see if we like them!  Click on the photo to view it large!