Saturday, December 31, 2011

Necrons Resurgent - some of the new Necron models

So, my first tournament ready army was a Necron army which I built nearly 12 years ago after the first codex had been released.  It wasn't my first choice of army as I had started with Space Marines and had begun painting them in 1987 while in college.  I began the Necron army when friends of mine encouraged me to paint up an army to go to tournaments with them.  I was reluctant and told them I could not finish my Space Marine army in time for the next tournament.  They suggested that I build a different army - they told me what they thought I could get done, and suggested Necrons as they were relatively new, and they had a simple paint scheme.  I agreed and figured out a paint scheme - so I started them.  With the release of the new codex, I have updated my army with some of the new figures and painted them in a similar style.  My tournament army has been retired for years now, but I brought them out for special occasions to show them off, but they lacked flavor.  Winning wasn't everything, playability and character was missing.  So the new codex is both welcome to some degree and distressing in another degree. However, the painting of the new figures has been enjoyable as well as finishing a cast-away Monolith rescued from the scrap heap and donated to my cause.  It was missing all of the clear green parts except for the portal.  I finished it up and made some necessary repairs, sanded, puttied and converted it into the form it currently takes.  It looks pretty good.  So, enjoy the photos:

 Above is one of the original figures I painted for the tournament army after I converted him.  He is a Destroyer Lord and I converted him to have a Warscythe which was made to look like Darth Maul's light sabre - and it looks quite good.  It is difficult to photograph the figures because of the chameleon chrome color changing paint.  He turns about 5 colors as you rotate him along with the decals which stand out in gold.  The model, while cool, has been one of the less effective in my army - mainly due to horrible die rolls.

 Here is a good look at the new Lychguard models which have also been painted in the chameleon chrome paint like the rest of the army.  There are several types of paint used on the army, all of them are slightly different in color combinations to make different color changes.  You have to have an airbrush to apply these paints and make them look good.  Patience and a bit of luck helps too!

 I especially like this photograph of this model which I have converted into a Necron Lord to lead my troop choices from the Royal Court.  It is essentially a Triarch Praetorian converted with parts to make the weapon into a special Warscythe and I've added some bling to him as well as the rest of the army.  He changes colors from a light green, to gold, to red as you rotate him with blue orbs on his array on his back, and neon green highlights on his armor and weapon.  Makes him fun to use as people bob up and down to enhance the color change effects.

 Here is another example of a Necron Lord conversion from a Triarch Praetorian model  - I've again converted a special weapon for him, given him a Ressurection Orb on a stick (or as it has been called his "Death Rattle").  Again, he changes colors from a gold, to green, to blue, to purple with neon green highlights which really stand out on his weapon and on his body.  He has also been fun to run - he also has some bling on him which you can barely see in the photo right above his head.  The Bling is Swarovski crystals which are 3mm size crystals with flat backs which were added to the figures to separate squads and add a bit more sparkle to them.  They stand out quite well on the table top.

 Here is the new Necron Overlord with two of the Lychguard.  I've equipped him with a Resurrection Orb and a Warscythe.  He is painted in a deep purple, blue, orange, gold chameleon chrome paint with highlights which are green and he has gold trim on his head dress and his cloak.  He is quite striking when viewed as he changes colors.

Again, here are some of the old Necrons - the original Warriors painted in their standard gold-green chameleon paint with purple trim and jewels.  The lord is a conversion as well - I've added a Necron Destroyer head to the body of the original lead Necron Lord, together with one of the Destroyer spinal columns.  He carries a Staff of Light and has silver highlights with purple detailing on his head dress and collar.  The unit he leads has been one of my most successful - they have never lost an assault (admittedly under the old rules!), and have done exceptionally well in shooting over their tournament career.  I doubt they will be so successful under the new rules as they have lost quite a bit of their former punch.  Still, they are fun and enjoyable to play!

Here is the rescued Monolith complete with Bling and all lit up for you to enjoy.  The Monolith sits upon a CD which has become the base of the model.  It hovers just over the head of the models of the warriors it transports.  The Monolith is lit up with a new crystal in the center and is also in color changing paint.  The green rods you see were from my bits box from the Heavy Destroyers who did not need all four of them for their weapons.  There is bling on each corner and the Necron emerging from the portal is a Destroyer body which has been cut sideways with a saw and fit into place after it was painted.  The body came from a leftover body from one of the Destroyer Lords for my army.

I hope you enjoy the photos and have a Happy New Year!


  1. Please post comments on them - it seems that many of you have viewed them, but no one is actually posting any comments. I will try to do better on posting comments on blogs I view as well - my resolution this year as sad as it is! :-)

    Cheers and Happy New Year!


  2. Chameleon chrome paint?!?!? who knew? this is an excellant idea! They look great, especially the sith inspired destroyer lord. Gotta love a bit of cross-over...