Saturday, December 31, 2011

Necrons Resurgent - some of the new Necron models

So, my first tournament ready army was a Necron army which I built nearly 12 years ago after the first codex had been released.  It wasn't my first choice of army as I had started with Space Marines and had begun painting them in 1987 while in college.  I began the Necron army when friends of mine encouraged me to paint up an army to go to tournaments with them.  I was reluctant and told them I could not finish my Space Marine army in time for the next tournament.  They suggested that I build a different army - they told me what they thought I could get done, and suggested Necrons as they were relatively new, and they had a simple paint scheme.  I agreed and figured out a paint scheme - so I started them.  With the release of the new codex, I have updated my army with some of the new figures and painted them in a similar style.  My tournament army has been retired for years now, but I brought them out for special occasions to show them off, but they lacked flavor.  Winning wasn't everything, playability and character was missing.  So the new codex is both welcome to some degree and distressing in another degree. However, the painting of the new figures has been enjoyable as well as finishing a cast-away Monolith rescued from the scrap heap and donated to my cause.  It was missing all of the clear green parts except for the portal.  I finished it up and made some necessary repairs, sanded, puttied and converted it into the form it currently takes.  It looks pretty good.  So, enjoy the photos:

 Above is one of the original figures I painted for the tournament army after I converted him.  He is a Destroyer Lord and I converted him to have a Warscythe which was made to look like Darth Maul's light sabre - and it looks quite good.  It is difficult to photograph the figures because of the chameleon chrome color changing paint.  He turns about 5 colors as you rotate him along with the decals which stand out in gold.  The model, while cool, has been one of the less effective in my army - mainly due to horrible die rolls.

 Here is a good look at the new Lychguard models which have also been painted in the chameleon chrome paint like the rest of the army.  There are several types of paint used on the army, all of them are slightly different in color combinations to make different color changes.  You have to have an airbrush to apply these paints and make them look good.  Patience and a bit of luck helps too!

 I especially like this photograph of this model which I have converted into a Necron Lord to lead my troop choices from the Royal Court.  It is essentially a Triarch Praetorian converted with parts to make the weapon into a special Warscythe and I've added some bling to him as well as the rest of the army.  He changes colors from a light green, to gold, to red as you rotate him with blue orbs on his array on his back, and neon green highlights on his armor and weapon.  Makes him fun to use as people bob up and down to enhance the color change effects.

 Here is another example of a Necron Lord conversion from a Triarch Praetorian model  - I've again converted a special weapon for him, given him a Ressurection Orb on a stick (or as it has been called his "Death Rattle").  Again, he changes colors from a gold, to green, to blue, to purple with neon green highlights which really stand out on his weapon and on his body.  He has also been fun to run - he also has some bling on him which you can barely see in the photo right above his head.  The Bling is Swarovski crystals which are 3mm size crystals with flat backs which were added to the figures to separate squads and add a bit more sparkle to them.  They stand out quite well on the table top.

 Here is the new Necron Overlord with two of the Lychguard.  I've equipped him with a Resurrection Orb and a Warscythe.  He is painted in a deep purple, blue, orange, gold chameleon chrome paint with highlights which are green and he has gold trim on his head dress and his cloak.  He is quite striking when viewed as he changes colors.

Again, here are some of the old Necrons - the original Warriors painted in their standard gold-green chameleon paint with purple trim and jewels.  The lord is a conversion as well - I've added a Necron Destroyer head to the body of the original lead Necron Lord, together with one of the Destroyer spinal columns.  He carries a Staff of Light and has silver highlights with purple detailing on his head dress and collar.  The unit he leads has been one of my most successful - they have never lost an assault (admittedly under the old rules!), and have done exceptionally well in shooting over their tournament career.  I doubt they will be so successful under the new rules as they have lost quite a bit of their former punch.  Still, they are fun and enjoyable to play!

Here is the rescued Monolith complete with Bling and all lit up for you to enjoy.  The Monolith sits upon a CD which has become the base of the model.  It hovers just over the head of the models of the warriors it transports.  The Monolith is lit up with a new crystal in the center and is also in color changing paint.  The green rods you see were from my bits box from the Heavy Destroyers who did not need all four of them for their weapons.  There is bling on each corner and the Necron emerging from the portal is a Destroyer body which has been cut sideways with a saw and fit into place after it was painted.  The body came from a leftover body from one of the Destroyer Lords for my army.

I hope you enjoy the photos and have a Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Zombie Hordes in Flames of War

I was perusing the Miniatures Page and one of the members of the forum postes a few photos of his HUGE Zombie Horde.  Here is a link to the TMP article:  Here is a link to the individuals nicely painted Zombie Horde! 

I've contemplated doing some Weird World War II scenarios with Zombie Hordes, but haven't taken the plunge to purchase the figures, yet.  I did, however, come up with some rules to run them as a unit which can be attached to any army as a divisional support platoon available to any Infantry Company.  Here are my thoughts on how to rate a Zombie Horde in a Flames of War game based upon my experience with the rules - I post these here for purposes of letting others play-test them and let me know in the comments how well they work!  I hope you enjoy and I will try to keep this page updated more frequently!

So, without further fanfare, here is how I have rated the Zombie Horde:

ZOMBIE HORDE - a WWWII Divisional Support Platoon

0-1 Zombie Horde Platoon Per Army

Special Rules: May be fielded by any Infantry Company army list, with consent of the opposing player, and must be fully painted and based.

Zombie Horde Command SMG Team:  Fearless Veteran, 35 points per team, maximum of three teams per Horde.
Special Rules for Zombie Horde Command:
The Zombie Horde Command is a command base represented by three figures on small base (decoration and special paint jobs PLEASE, the cooler the better!).  The Zombie Horde Command must remain "In Command" of the Zombie Horde per the usual command rules with a command distance of 2" regardless of their quality rating/training.  The Zombe Horde Command is also equipped with a "Brain-Launcher" which may be fired at an enemy stand in the shooting phase of the Zombie Horde player's turn which will in turn release the Zombie Horde!   The "Brain-Launcher" is a weapon which contains the concentrated odor of brain material which can be sensed by Zombies and drives them into a killing frenzy.  See the special rules below
Zombie Horde Command SMG Team:    Range 4", ROF 3, Anti-Tank 1, Firepower 6, Brain-Launcher

Brain-Launcher:   Range 16"  ROF 2, Anti-Tank 0, Firepower  N/A,  Indirect Fire.
Notes: Any Enemy platoon hit by the Brain Launcher must make Morale Check or break and run!!!  Unlike normal, only the ENEMY STAND hit by the Brain Launcher will flee and run - directly away from the Zombie Horde.  The remaining stands are not subject to the test and will remain in their positions, unaware of the danger they are in until it is too late!  Any enemy stand which is hit by the Zombie Horde Brain-Launcher attacts Zombies, who will move at 6" plus 1d6" toward the stand.  The Zombie Horde while in their frenzied state will initiate close assaults on any stand/unit between them and the Zombie Brain affected stand in an attempt to consume the brained stand!  Mark any affected stand with a suitable marker to note they have been "Brained" by the Zombie Horde Command.  The Zombie Launcher has the Indiret Fire capability and may be used to target stands behind other units and follows the rules for mortars.

Snipers and Zombie Horde Command Teams:  Zombie Horde Command Teams may be targeted by sniper teams individually and if so targeted, must save or be removed as the stand targeted.  Snipers know who to kill in the Zombie Horde and must have a direct line of sight (may not pass through an intervening base!) to fire directly at them.  Snipers which are in an elevated position may shoot over friendly, or enemy teams to target the Zombie Command Team(s).

ZOMBIE HORDE: 10-60 Bases per army.

Zombie Horde bases are modeled with 4 to 5 Zombies per Meduim Base, minimum of 10 bases per Horde, up to a maximum of 60 bases per Horde.  Each base is 10 points.

Weaponry: Various, typically hands, teeth, bloody stumps, etc.  Range 0", ROF N/A, Anti-tank N/A, Firepower N/A
Zombie Horde Bases are rated as Tank Assault 3  (They gum up the tracks you know!)

Special Rules: 
ZOMBIE HORDE:  Zombie Hordes move forward at 1d6 inches per turn until they are within 8" of a non-Zombie Horde stand/platoon.  Zombies are difficult to control and at best are "herded" forward by their handlers, the Zombie Horde Command.  As long as the Zombie Horde is "In Command" they are moved normally by the controlling player, but may only move 1d6" per turn.  A player with a Zombie Horde Command may elect to pass a quality check to move the Zombie Horde at a speed beyond the normal 1d6 inches per turn.  If the Zombie Horde Command stand passes the test, the Zombie Horde may move 6" plus 1d6" that turn.  If the Zombie Horde Command fails the test, they are removed as casualties and the Zombie Horde will then move toward the closest non-Zombie Horde platoon/stand.  If there is more than one Zombie Horde Command base in the Horde and "In Command," the Zombie Horde remains stationary as the remaining command team attempts to re-direct them forward and regain control of the Zombie Horde.

Zombie Hordes will initiate a close assault upon any non-Zombie Horde platoon (not including the Zombie Horde Command base) which ends their move within 4" of any Zombie Horde base, regardless of which side controls the Zombie Horde and regardless of whose turn it is, Zombies can potentially conduct a close assault every player turn if they remain within 4" of any non-Zombie Horde platoon.  To avoid initiating an assault if a Zombie Horde is within 4" of a non-Zombie Horde platoon, the Zombie Horde Command team may elect to pass a quality check to gain control of their horde.  If they pass the test, the Zombie Horde remains in control and will not conduct the assault.  Remember, this test is VOLUNTARY and the controling player does NOT have to attempt it.  If the test is attempted and failed, the Zombie Horde will initiate a close assault on the non-Zombie Platoon AND the Zombie Command Team is removed as a casualty!
HARD TO PUT DOWN! Shooting at Zombies is easy.  Hitting Zombies is also easy because they don't dodge, attempt to get out of the way, or use any cover whatsoever.  However, putting them down PERMANENTLY is NOT Easy!  Any platoon shooting at a Zombie Horde hits them on a 3+, regardless of quality rating and may use full rate of fire, regardless of whether they moved or not, including gun teams (fear of Zombies is quite a motivator to keep shooting!).  Any Zombie Horde which is hit has a saving throw of 2+ to shake off the damage and continue moving forward, as even half a zombie is still deadly!  Zombie Hordes never test for morale for any purposes and will continue to move toward the closest non-Zombie Horde platoon regardless of which side it is on, unless they are In Command of a Zombie Horde Command team which can direct their movement.

THE WAY IS SHUT:  Zombie Hordes which move to within 4" of any non-Zombie Horde team or platoon will initiate a close assault on their turn and need not test to close assault, even against tanks.  Zombie Hordes cannot be pinned in defensive fire and all platoons within 8" of a Zombie Horde may fire in defensive fire at full ROF regardless if they are pinned, so long as they have line of sight to at least one Zombie Horde base.  (Better dead than a Zombie!)  Zombie Hordes always hit non-Zombie Horde teams on a 3+, regardless of quality in close assault.  Enemy teams who are close-assaulted by Zombie Hordes may NOT counter-assault unless/until they pass a quality test and always test as if they are Conscript troops for purposes of the counter-assault rule.  Even Fearless Veterans know they don't want to get THAT close to a Zombie!  If a unit passes their morale to counter-assault, they may do so, however, they need not conduct the close assault and may elect to consolidate by running away and may immediately make a double rate move away from the Zombie Horde and they are not pinned at the end of this move!  Units which test and fail are broken and remain in contact or subject to a Zombie follow-up assault.  Enemy bases which are destroyed in close assault will become zombies on the following enemy turn on a roll of 4+, so record how many bases are killed in the close assault.  If a player does not have sufficient bases to represent the newly spawned stand, the stand is lost.  Zombie Horde bases previously destroyed may be used for the newly animated zombie stands.  Zombie Hordes may not test, or conduct a break-through assault if they win in a close assault, they may only consolidate 2" as they hunt down the remaining victims, who are doubtlessly paralyzed with fear and cowering in a fox-hole, to consume their brains.  All non-Zombie Horde platoons within 8" of a Zombie Horde assault must pass a quality test at the end of the assault or they will immediately break and move a full 6" move away from the Zombie Horde, even if it would cause them to come within 1" of an enemy team!  Stands/platoons fleeing from a Zombie Horde and which must come into base contact with an enemy team will immediately conduct a close assault on the enemy team with no defensive fire permitted as they decide to fight their way out! 

Remember, these things are both a boon and a burden on the controlling player, as if the enemy player pins down your platoons and lures them into YOUR troops - you could have a whole lot of problems.

I hope you all enjoy these play-test rules and have fun with them!


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Fun with Rockets!

We've had some fun lately with other diversions, like rockets! Hope you enjoy the film - this is a big engine for a rocket and a substantial rocket too. Louis is the launch master. I just happen to live at the "Cape Canaveral" because I've got lots of wide open space!
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Friday, April 29, 2011

Photos for my friend Sumatran Rat Monkey on TMP

Okay, so we were discussing Heavy Gear figures and comparisons of the old RAFM 20mm scale Heavy Gear miniatures for use with 28mm figures for men in powered armor, robotic or cyborg battle armor, and the like.  I offered to show him some for scale purposes posed with a variety of miniatures for scale.  I dumped the photos into Pages, converted them to a PDF and then used Adobe to convert them to JPG formats for Blogger - a bit of a process, but I hope you enjoy and find it helpful!  First up two raw photos of RAFM 20mm figures next to various GW, Warzone, and Old Glory figures.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Dystopian Wars - my latest diversionary project!

Here is the beginning work on my Dystopian Wars Prussian fleet - the battleship is going well, just some touch-up here and there, followed by some detail work and camoflage stripes on the hull.  The cruisers are a bit behind, but I've been experimenting on getting them to "look right" according to the box.  Thus far they look alright, some details, stripes and an emblem here and there, and they will do nicely.  My friend Jeff bought the British Empire and we are going to get together and try out the rules and see if we like them!  Click on the photo to view it large!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Phase Four - The Bloody Stars - Campaign Sectors and rules - Enjoy!


Alright, enough shouting - you can now look at and read the Phase I PDF created way back in December and actually make some sense out of what we are doing - and you can probably freely steal these ideas for use in your game store, gaming group, or whatnot.  I had lots of input on creating this initial PDF from my good friend Joe and from my friend Felix.  I took their ideas and ran with some of them, they may not look quite the same as they may have envisioned them, but it has been an extremely fun and wild ride since that fateful day back in October when Joe suggested we start all of this!

Here is a link to the revised posting - and it was also a re-test of the engine here on Blogger to see if it would work!

Enjoy and happy gaming:

Link to Phase I PDF file


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sorry for the delay

Hello Everyone who has been following our little campaign on the Badab War.  I have been inundated with work recently and have not had a chance to do the updates as I would like to do at this point.  I have been assigned a very high priority case at work and the increased workload has drained much of my free time not spent with family.  I hope to have a major update posted in the next couple of days - but I am having associates preview the updates for clarity so we have a good posting of the files!  My apologies!


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Badab War Phase 2 Tournament Results

Wow - I thought the Secessionists were going to pull another victory out of the Loyalists hands - but it was not to be!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Campaign Update March 5, 2011

Loyalist CP’s
Secessionist CP’s
Required CP’s
Sector 1

Sector 2
Sector 3

Sector 4
Sector 5

Sector 6
Sector 7

As you can see, the Loyalists are turning it on now, they have claimed Sector 2, and are well on their way to claiming Sector 6!  If you have fought any battles and need to report them, please send in the battle reports soon - so we can get the reports published!  Thanks everyone and Happy Gaming!


Saturday, February 26, 2011

Khirab the focus of Tyranid menace!

Player 1  Gary (New York), Star Phantoms
Player 2 Pam (New York), Tyranids  (raiders)

1850 points.
Sector 6

Seize Ground, Spearhead Deployment.

Win to the Star Phantoms, 2 -1

On the very outskirts of Sector 6,
Brother Domaine headed out to meet up with his new Squad "5th Raiders" assault squad.
on a Small outpost.  Brother Fred was also stationed at the outpost with the 4th Raiders assault squad.
Still needing to prove himself before he would be able to lead his own squad.

The Warning Bells rang loud as a Tyranid force came over the top of the ridge overlooking the lone building and the statue of a long dead hero.  A squad of hormagaunts were quickly mowed down by the heavy bolters.
A second swarm of Hormagaunts hit the "4th Raiders Squad" and quickly they awere taken to the arms of the Emperor.  Brother Fred managed to "get back up" from his wounds just in time to see a Trygon burst up beside him! Brother Fred was isolated on the South side of the building with no back up other than the scout snipers.
So Brother Fred decided quickly to protect the North Side of the Building with the heavy weapon's Teams.

Brother Kasan (a former jump squad member) was now in a standard troop squad and armed with a Lascannon. Brother Kasan managed to get the kill shot on the Hive Tyrant and 2 Carnifex's.  All in a days work for the finest of the Imperium!

Brother Domaine's new squad took out a Termagaunt Brood and a Hive Guard Brood.  As Brother Domaine's squad was standing at one of the main points of interest of the Nids. Looking back at the heavy bolters picking off the rest of the little bugs with Ease, Brother Domaine's squad was surprised by a horde of Genestealers which (on turn 5) came in and killed all but Brother Domaine, and with a long personal battle (end of turn 6) Domaine Had his right arm snipped off by one of the genestealers before he was able to break free and rejoin his forces and drive the Tyranid horde back!  Brother Domaine is now in transit to the fleet for surgical repairs and a new Bionic arm! 

The Heroes generated by Gary - our good friend in New York - for the campaign and with the gracious support of his gaming friends out there!
Brother Domaine (found seriously injured on the battlefield) Special Character Death Table result: Rolled (2) 4 
Brother Domaine is now out for the duration of Phase 2 until he can procure Bionics in Phase 3.

Name: Brother Sergeant DOMAINE
Stats: WS, 51 :BS, 40 :Str, 48 :T, 51 :I, 45 :W, 2 :A, 2 :L 95
Special:Eternal Warrior (2D6 -8)  Wounds +1
(He now has the Independent Character rule!  I believe he rolled a 14 which was increased to 24)
Name: Brother Sergeant FRED
Stats: WS, 43 :BS, 42 :Str, 49 :T, 47 :I, 44 :W, 1 :A ,1 :L 95
Special:Fleet , I'll Be Back.

Name: Brother Devastator KASAN
Stats: WS, 43 :BS, 54 :Str, 43 :T, 51 :I, 42 :W, 2 :A ,1 :L 97
Special:Tank Hunter ( 2D6 - 10) Wounds +1
(He now has the Independent Character rule!)

Tranquility spawns the first cooperation between Seccessionsist and Loyalists!

The Cleansing of Tranquility 
Section 2- 5000pts
Raptors- (Loyalists)  Jeff
Lamenters- (Secessionists)  Justin
Imperial Guard Cultists- (Raider)
Chaos Space Marines- (Raider)
Chaos Undivided Daemons- (Raiders) Jarrod

+++ *&^NSU*~##&%&+++
+ SENDER: Brother Sergeant Hanarius ,   4th Scout Recon
+ TO: Lias Issodon, Raptor's Chapter Master
+SUBJECT: Possible Contact with Chaos
Spotted heretics summoning altars and cultists while scouting out the terrain before attacking the Lamentors stronghold south of our landing.  Recommend a temporary cease fire with the Lamenters to deal with this Daemon threat.  Sergeant Hanarius out.

Due to Sergeant Hanarius' exceptional recon of the battlefield,the Raptors were able to co-ordinate with members of the Lamenters in properly dispatching the Chaos menace before it overtook the world.  Lias Issodon dispatched Captain Karniath, Forgefather Emillio, and Brother Sergeant Niro to the field, while the Lamenters dispatched Brother Sergeant Testiclees and  Chaplain Kane to assist.
The Lamentors Scouts looking to get the first blood charged the Cultist Leman Russ formation getting pounded into the ground.  When the dust settled two of them remained hugging the bare earth for all it's worth.  On the other side of the battlefield one of the Raptors Razorbacks made the mistake of moving to far forward to get a Defiliers Battle Cannon through the hull ripping the treads out from under it.  The Raptors and Lamenters retaliation was swift as Demolsiher Cannons and and Heavy Bolters rained fire upon the  Cultists as they were scurrying to protect their Summoning Altars. The Raptors drop pod smashed into the battlefield as Venerable Brother Jarvis unleashed a short salvo into a cultist Leman Russ tank stunning the crew inside from the shock of the las-shots pounding into the armor.  The Lamenters Scouts using the cover of the drop pod's decent charged another Cultist tank planting charges around it's main cannon blowing it sky high.
The Space Marines we a little late to stop the ritual as Warp rifts started to open up disgorging Daemons across the open sections of the battlefield and Khorne berserkers charged the Lamenters lines. The enemies Defiler changed targets and launched shot after shot into the Raptors Vindicator tossing it all around doing little in real damage, the crew laughing thinking their brothers in the remaining Razorback was playing demolition derby with the.  Meanwhile the Lamenters held their ground pouring as much lascannon shots into a Keeper of Secrets bringing it down to the ground.
Upon seeing the Lamenters line get assaulted Brother Sergeant Niro picked up the Forgefather and hurled him into the Berserkers taking four out upon hitting the battle lines.  Overhead the sounds of the Lamenters Stormraven engines could be heard as they brought in reinforcements to take down the dameonic Soul Grinder.  Brother Armenias helped by causing the mechanical aspect of the soul grinder with his assault cannon rounds blessed by their chaplains before the Lamenters brought it down.  Back on the other side Brother Jerath was not so lucky as his psycho-conditioning waived upon seeing a Soul Grinder up close, fired his Plasma Gun without paying head to the weapons heat meter. The weapon let out a high pitched whine as the plasma guns charge went into meltdown mode.  There was a brief flash of light as the charge went melting and cooking Brother Jerath ceramite armor in one go.
The success was short lived as more Warp rifts split the sky open as more Daemons was unleashed onto the world.  A lucky shot from the Raptors Predator managed to bring down a Blood Thirster before it could do much damage in its corporeal form. Not wanting to be sent back to the warp the soul grinders tried to take as much people with them before they fell successfully destroying half Raptor Squad Grey.
Just as quick as the battle had started the Lamenters cleansed the Summoning grounds with the blood of the Cultist managing to dispatch the remaining daemons back to the warp.  Knowing that battle with the Lamenters was inevitable the Raptors fled the battlefield to someday launch an assault upon the Lamenters when they were more unaware

Loyalist and Secessionist win.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Exorcists attempt to take control in Sector 7!

Mathew and Scott fought three battles in Sector 7 and here are the reports:

1st Battle: *500pt* Exorcist vanguard trying to establish a landing zone colliding with the initial Astral Claw pickett line.
Commanders: Force Commander Leetamus Onus (Matt W.) of the Astral Claws vs. unknown Force Commander (Scott) of the Exorcists.
Battle type: Capture and Control with special rules Infiltrate and Night Fight 1st round.
Report: The Exorcist scouting party had established 2 primary landing zones to begin dropping their heavy equipment for the siege to come and found no resistance establishing the first zone. However, as they moved across the open field to clear the second zone they encountered the Astral Claw scouts tracking their every move with sniper rifles. The battle was fierce as the Exorcists attempted to silence the pickett line and take the second landing zone, while the Astral Claw defenders following the lead of Chaplain Pwnzorus attempted to force the vanguard back off the planet for good. The Excorsist forces were too strong on the initial landing point to be pushed off, resulting in the loss of Chaplain Pwnzorus soon after he had slain the Exorcists Librarian.  The scouts defending the second landing zone were able to repel the invaders and hold their position long enough to send a report back to command. Although the Exorcists have established a point to begin landing troops, the Astral Claws would be ready...
Final result: Draw, one objective held by each force.  No campaign point award to either side.
2nd Battle: *750* Initial Exorcist attempt to crack the Astral Claws defense network
Commanders: Force Commander Leetamus Onus (Matt W.) of the Astral Claws vs. unknown Force Commander (Scott) of the Exorcists.
Battle Type: Planetfall (Planetstrike rules)
Report: Having established a landing zone, the Exorcists chose to move against the nearby Astral Claws bastion resting on a cliffside overlooking the hilly terrain. Chaplain Pwnstarus of the Astral Claws commanded the troops there, and although the initial orbital bombardment brought a bunker down on his head, he was able to free himself from the rubble and lead the defenders as the enemy forces began teleporting and dropping onto the battlefield. Although Chaplain Pwnstarus fell when he lept into close combat with a force of Terminators that had teleported in behind his defences, the massed fire of his Sternguard Veteran Squad Teabagerus backed by a tactical and devestator squad prooved too much for the Exorcist Librarian leading his tactical squads and their Terminator support. Though losses were heavy (with the exeption of Devestator Squad Smokenemus which walked away unscathed) The Astral Claws emerged victorious, laying the Exorsists down to the last man.
Final result: Victory Astral Claws. (4 campaign points to Astral Claws, 1 campaign point to Exorcists)
3rd Battle: *750* Astral Claws attempt to move across the plains to retake the Excorcist landing zone and end the battle for Planet Urbase
Commanders: Force Commander Leetamus Onus (Matt W.) of the Astral Claws vs. unknown Force Commander (Scott) of the Exorcists.
Battle Type: Dawn of War (Battle scenario book who's name I forget) Infiltrate and night fight 1st round
Report: Captain Beatdownus moved his forces to engage the now steady flow of Exorcist forces emerging from the landing zones. The new Librarian for the Excorsists saw the approach and readied his men for the assault. Captain Beatdownus immediatly threw himself and his assult squad into the midst of the enemy leader and his terminator support and after several minutes of intense combat finally forced the enemy leader back, though he himself had to fall back as several tactical squads had rushed to their leader's support and overwhelmed him. The apothecaries on both sides had their work cut out for them, quickly mending the troops and sending them back into the frey, even both the leaders made a reapprerance for a short time. However, the Exorcists having felt the wrath of the Astral Claw Chaplains twice now were looking for Chaplain Baitus, sending him back to the apothecary every time he tried to rejoin the battle, the morale he inspired when winning soon crumbling the spirit of his forces with his repeated defeats. Though Captain Beatdownus was loath to do so, he pulled his men back to the unbroken bastion to recover their losses.
Final result: Victory Exorcists. (4 campaign points to Exorcists, 1 campaign point to Astral Claws)
Current Status of Sector 7, Split evenly between Loyalist and Seccessionist forces. The next battles should seal the fate of the sector for one side or the other.
*This report was produced from the veiwpoint of Apothecary Couchtaterus of the Astral Claws, thus the document may seem one sided in its descriptions to future historians.*

Updated Chart of the sectors and the campaign to date:

Loyalist CP’s
Secessionist CP’s
Required CP’s
Sector 1
Sector 2
Sector 3
Sector 4
Sector 5
Sector 6
Sector 7