Saturday, February 26, 2011

Khirab the focus of Tyranid menace!

Player 1  Gary (New York), Star Phantoms
Player 2 Pam (New York), Tyranids  (raiders)

1850 points.
Sector 6

Seize Ground, Spearhead Deployment.

Win to the Star Phantoms, 2 -1

On the very outskirts of Sector 6,
Brother Domaine headed out to meet up with his new Squad "5th Raiders" assault squad.
on a Small outpost.  Brother Fred was also stationed at the outpost with the 4th Raiders assault squad.
Still needing to prove himself before he would be able to lead his own squad.

The Warning Bells rang loud as a Tyranid force came over the top of the ridge overlooking the lone building and the statue of a long dead hero.  A squad of hormagaunts were quickly mowed down by the heavy bolters.
A second swarm of Hormagaunts hit the "4th Raiders Squad" and quickly they awere taken to the arms of the Emperor.  Brother Fred managed to "get back up" from his wounds just in time to see a Trygon burst up beside him! Brother Fred was isolated on the South side of the building with no back up other than the scout snipers.
So Brother Fred decided quickly to protect the North Side of the Building with the heavy weapon's Teams.

Brother Kasan (a former jump squad member) was now in a standard troop squad and armed with a Lascannon. Brother Kasan managed to get the kill shot on the Hive Tyrant and 2 Carnifex's.  All in a days work for the finest of the Imperium!

Brother Domaine's new squad took out a Termagaunt Brood and a Hive Guard Brood.  As Brother Domaine's squad was standing at one of the main points of interest of the Nids. Looking back at the heavy bolters picking off the rest of the little bugs with Ease, Brother Domaine's squad was surprised by a horde of Genestealers which (on turn 5) came in and killed all but Brother Domaine, and with a long personal battle (end of turn 6) Domaine Had his right arm snipped off by one of the genestealers before he was able to break free and rejoin his forces and drive the Tyranid horde back!  Brother Domaine is now in transit to the fleet for surgical repairs and a new Bionic arm! 

The Heroes generated by Gary - our good friend in New York - for the campaign and with the gracious support of his gaming friends out there!
Brother Domaine (found seriously injured on the battlefield) Special Character Death Table result: Rolled (2) 4 
Brother Domaine is now out for the duration of Phase 2 until he can procure Bionics in Phase 3.

Name: Brother Sergeant DOMAINE
Stats: WS, 51 :BS, 40 :Str, 48 :T, 51 :I, 45 :W, 2 :A, 2 :L 95
Special:Eternal Warrior (2D6 -8)  Wounds +1
(He now has the Independent Character rule!  I believe he rolled a 14 which was increased to 24)
Name: Brother Sergeant FRED
Stats: WS, 43 :BS, 42 :Str, 49 :T, 47 :I, 44 :W, 1 :A ,1 :L 95
Special:Fleet , I'll Be Back.

Name: Brother Devastator KASAN
Stats: WS, 43 :BS, 54 :Str, 43 :T, 51 :I, 42 :W, 2 :A ,1 :L 97
Special:Tank Hunter ( 2D6 - 10) Wounds +1
(He now has the Independent Character rule!)

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