Monday, February 7, 2011

Eldar Raiders make things difficult for the Loyalists!

Sector 2
Kevin – Eldar
Erik – Space Marines, Howling Griffins
1500 pts

Mission:  Seize Objectives: # of Objectives:  5
Objectives:   Communication Arrays and Orbital Weapons Platforms

Turn #1
The Eldar glided gracefully towards the clanking machines of the Howling Griffins.  They quickly established control over one Comms arrays with a Pathfinder unit of 5 and moved into contesting the other Comms array with their Wraithlord, Harlequins, and Farseer.  The Farseer cast Fortune on the Wraithlord to assist it in its shooting.  A unit of Guardians moved into control of one of the weapons platforms.  The Falcon moved effortlessly over to take up a firing position opposite one of the Space Marine Razorbacks and lined up a killing shot, while an additional transport glided into position to release its cargo.  Their shooting was close to perfect; a bright lance shot took out the Howling Griffons Predator and the Razorback transport, both exploding with extraordinary strength.  One Devastator squad member lay dead in the ruins of the Razorback while scouts caught in the blast of the Predator tank were able to survive the ball of fire.  There was no other movement from the Eldar at this time.
The Howling Griffons surged forward, resolutely gauging the foe arrayed before them.  A unit of Scout snipers moved into the first floor of a ruined structure which housed one of the orbital platforms and lined up shots against their foes.  An additional Scout squad consolidated around an orbital platform and readied to pour fire into their opponents.  The Devastator squad emerged from the ruined Razorback and sheltered behind it gaining their bearings.  A Techmarine attached to the squad stood angrily looking at his beloved machines lying in smoking ruins on the field and moved resolutely towards the foe’s machines to wreak his vengeance upon the foul xenos.  A squad of tactical marines moved quickly to support the Techmarine and take up position in a ruined building.  The company’s Chaplain detached from the scout squads and lending his voice of condemnation moved towards the fray.  The company commander with a squad of Sternguard moved forward towards the Wraithlord and its supporting cast of characters.  The marine shooting phase was less than exemplary.  The tactical squad missed its mark on the xenos transports; the scout squads scored several hits on the Wraithlord, but failed to wound it.  The commander and Sternguard fared better, using Hellfire rounds to score 2 successful, unsaved wounds against the monstrosity. 

Turn 2
The Eldar attempted to bring in their reserves, but failed to do so.  Movement brought the Eldar transport forward to disgorge it’s cargo of 6 Wraithguard and a supporting seer.  The Wraithlord moved forward to engage the marines, but failed to move into assault range.  The Guardian squad moved forward towards the scouts in the ruins in preparation to begin contesting the objective on top of the building.  The Farseer and Harlequins moved forward in the shadow of their ancient ally, the Wraithlord.  The Falcon moved into firing position and prepared to unleash torrents of fire on the marine tactical squad.  The shooting phase was spectacular in its destructiveness.  The Eldar vehicles took out most of the space marine tactical squad in a blinding flash of light, leaving smoldering piles of ash to mark the downed brothers.  The Pathfinder squad took aim and downed a survivor of the Devastator squad from the hilltop objective.  The Wraithlord took aim and missed its shots at the Sternguard unit in front of it, the only disappointment from the xenos firing sequence.  The guardians took out one scout from the squad sheltering in the ruins.  There were no attacks as the units were out of assault range.
The Space Marine reserves failed to arrive to affect this turn of attacks.  The space marines continued their march forward.  The scouts moved up into the ruins to the floor below the objective and took aim at their foes.  The Sternguard stood their ground and prepared to unleash on the Wraithlord.  The remains of the tactical squad moved forward and prepared to sell themselves dearly for the deaths of their comrades.  The Company commander detached and moved resolutely towards the remains of the tactical squad to bolster the lagging flank of his deployment.  The Chaplain, still out of range, raged against the treachery of all xenos as he was still out of range to fire or attack.  The Techmarine squared off with the Wraithguard and lumbered forward to seek vengeance for his beloved machines.  The remnants of the tactical squad unleashed fire on the Wraithguard, felling one of the xenos constructs.  The Devastators sighted the pathfinders on the hill and with well placed plasma cannon shot, incinerated one on the spot.  The scouts in the ruined building sighted in on their foes in the guardian squad and felled three, thus pinning the squad in place.  The Sternguard opened up on the Wraithlord again and this time felled the construct with well-aimed shots.  The Techmarine surged into combat, swinging his power weapon and his servo-arm snapping with a mind of its own.  After the attacks settled, the seer and one of the Wraithguard lay on the ground.  While this was going on, the Farseer and Harlequins fleeted towards the Sternguard in preparation for the next turn.
Turn #3
Eldar reserves failed to show on the field again.  The Farseer and Harlequins continued their foggy movements towards the Sternguard.  The Falcon and transport moved into better firing positions and aimed at the remnants of the tactical squad, which they promptly obliterated during the firing sequence.  The Farseer fleeted towards the Devastator squad and the Harlequins set themselves up for assaulting the Sternguard.  The Farseer shot past the Company commander and assaulted the Devastator squad, felling two and remaining in combat.  The melee between the Techmarine and Wraithguard settled with another xenos construct lying in the dirt.  The Harlequins unleashed their close combat fury, attacking with 36 hits on the 5 man Sternguard.  Successful hits with their foul magic reduced the Sternguard to screaming goo within seconds in their armor.  The Harlequins consolidated towards the weapons array held resolutely by the 6 man scout squad.  Things looked grim for the Howling Griffons.
The space marine reserves arrived in the form of drop-pod!  Justice was served just behind the Harlequins.  From the pod emerged a venerable dreadnought, who immediately squared against the flank of the Harlequins.  The scouts in the building captured the objective, the weapons array, on the top floor and consolidated to defend it with their lives.  The Chaplain continued his march towards his captain and tried to draw a bead on the Harlequins, but failed to penetrate their holo-fields.  The captain suffered the same fate, but the dreadnaught unleashed heavy flamer and autocannon fire without hesitation.  As the mental fog lifted, all but the leader of the Harlequins lay dead on the field.  The assault phase saw the Farseer fell another devastator, but the squad leader stubborningly held on and continued the fight.  The Techmarine was finally able to rid the planet of the remaining Wraithguard and moved towards the Falcon with a vengeance.

Turn 4
Final turn
The Eldar reserves finally arrived and made ready to fire on the scouts in the building.  The Harlequin leader fired at the scouts in front of him and felled one before bowling into the squad to do what he could.  The guardian squad and pathfinders opened up on the dreadnought, hoping to find a weakness with a bright lance; but only succeeded in attracting the attention of the dreadnought in question.  The Harlequin leader lashed out, but failed to score any hits on the scouts; who in turn struck him down under their combat blades.  The Farseer continued to fight with the Devastator sergeant, but fought only to a draw.   The Guardian bikes fired into the scouts in the building and felled three, while taking no injuries.  The scouts stood fast in the face of the attacks and didn’t run.
The space marines finally were able to give a good account for themselves.  The dreadnought turned and moved towards the guardian squad, roaring vengeance.  The commander and chaplain both closed into the combat with the Farseer.   The Techmarine successfully attached a melta bomb on the Falcon, but only was able to shake the crew.  The two scouts in the building succeeded in downing one of the guardian bikes under a hail of heavy bolter and bolt pistol fire.  The Dreadnought unleashed heavy flamer and autocannon fire into the guardian squad, succeeding in taking down 3 Eldar before striding into close combat.  The Farseer failed to land a blow on the marines, the captain also failed to hit.  Finally, bellowing the Litanies of Hate, the chaplain felled the Farseer with blows from his crozius.  The leaders of the company consolidated towards the center of the table.  The dreadnought felled one of his foes in combat, but was locked in combat after the dust settled.
The game ended in a draw for the raiders and the Loyalists.

I hope you enjoyed the turn by turn report - thanks Kevin and Erik for the efforts on behalf of the greater good!

In other news, Jarred, running a Seccessionist force fought Colten who ran Dark Eldar raiders and defeated them - no blow by blow battle report, but it was reported by the victor and the points included below!  The Seccessionists close in on Sector 3, while the Loyalists continue to close in on Sector 2.

Here are the standings as of February 7, 2011:

Loyalist CP’s
Secessionist CP’s
Required CP’s
Sector 1
Sector 2
Sector 3
Sector 4
Sector 5
Sector 6
Sector 7

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