Saturday, February 26, 2011

Tranquility spawns the first cooperation between Seccessionsist and Loyalists!

The Cleansing of Tranquility 
Section 2- 5000pts
Raptors- (Loyalists)  Jeff
Lamenters- (Secessionists)  Justin
Imperial Guard Cultists- (Raider)
Chaos Space Marines- (Raider)
Chaos Undivided Daemons- (Raiders) Jarrod

+++ *&^NSU*~##&%&+++
+ SENDER: Brother Sergeant Hanarius ,   4th Scout Recon
+ TO: Lias Issodon, Raptor's Chapter Master
+SUBJECT: Possible Contact with Chaos
Spotted heretics summoning altars and cultists while scouting out the terrain before attacking the Lamentors stronghold south of our landing.  Recommend a temporary cease fire with the Lamenters to deal with this Daemon threat.  Sergeant Hanarius out.

Due to Sergeant Hanarius' exceptional recon of the battlefield,the Raptors were able to co-ordinate with members of the Lamenters in properly dispatching the Chaos menace before it overtook the world.  Lias Issodon dispatched Captain Karniath, Forgefather Emillio, and Brother Sergeant Niro to the field, while the Lamenters dispatched Brother Sergeant Testiclees and  Chaplain Kane to assist.
The Lamentors Scouts looking to get the first blood charged the Cultist Leman Russ formation getting pounded into the ground.  When the dust settled two of them remained hugging the bare earth for all it's worth.  On the other side of the battlefield one of the Raptors Razorbacks made the mistake of moving to far forward to get a Defiliers Battle Cannon through the hull ripping the treads out from under it.  The Raptors and Lamenters retaliation was swift as Demolsiher Cannons and and Heavy Bolters rained fire upon the  Cultists as they were scurrying to protect their Summoning Altars. The Raptors drop pod smashed into the battlefield as Venerable Brother Jarvis unleashed a short salvo into a cultist Leman Russ tank stunning the crew inside from the shock of the las-shots pounding into the armor.  The Lamenters Scouts using the cover of the drop pod's decent charged another Cultist tank planting charges around it's main cannon blowing it sky high.
The Space Marines we a little late to stop the ritual as Warp rifts started to open up disgorging Daemons across the open sections of the battlefield and Khorne berserkers charged the Lamenters lines. The enemies Defiler changed targets and launched shot after shot into the Raptors Vindicator tossing it all around doing little in real damage, the crew laughing thinking their brothers in the remaining Razorback was playing demolition derby with the.  Meanwhile the Lamenters held their ground pouring as much lascannon shots into a Keeper of Secrets bringing it down to the ground.
Upon seeing the Lamenters line get assaulted Brother Sergeant Niro picked up the Forgefather and hurled him into the Berserkers taking four out upon hitting the battle lines.  Overhead the sounds of the Lamenters Stormraven engines could be heard as they brought in reinforcements to take down the dameonic Soul Grinder.  Brother Armenias helped by causing the mechanical aspect of the soul grinder with his assault cannon rounds blessed by their chaplains before the Lamenters brought it down.  Back on the other side Brother Jerath was not so lucky as his psycho-conditioning waived upon seeing a Soul Grinder up close, fired his Plasma Gun without paying head to the weapons heat meter. The weapon let out a high pitched whine as the plasma guns charge went into meltdown mode.  There was a brief flash of light as the charge went melting and cooking Brother Jerath ceramite armor in one go.
The success was short lived as more Warp rifts split the sky open as more Daemons was unleashed onto the world.  A lucky shot from the Raptors Predator managed to bring down a Blood Thirster before it could do much damage in its corporeal form. Not wanting to be sent back to the warp the soul grinders tried to take as much people with them before they fell successfully destroying half Raptor Squad Grey.
Just as quick as the battle had started the Lamenters cleansed the Summoning grounds with the blood of the Cultist managing to dispatch the remaining daemons back to the warp.  Knowing that battle with the Lamenters was inevitable the Raptors fled the battlefield to someday launch an assault upon the Lamenters when they were more unaware

Loyalist and Secessionist win.

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