Monday, May 7, 2012

RATTE Replacement Parts

Now, since the last post was an "out of the box" description of the new Ratte model from West Wind Productions LTD, and I got it broken.  I sent them ONE email - attached the photographs which I posted on the blog.  I got a response almost instantly asking if the lead/pewter parts were damaged.  (They were in perfect order)  I advised that they were not, and Wendy said - The Replacement Parts are in the Mail!  Now that is excellent customer service!  Also, the model is exceptionally cool - and will be seen in several games I have planned for the future!  So, KUDOS to West Wind Productions LTD and to Wendy who responded so quickly and took care of the problem!

Cheers - and I can hardly wait for the replacement parts - so I can get this thing built!!


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