Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Badab War Update - Battle Reports from Sector 2!

Astral Claws – (Secessionists) – Brooks
Nova Marines (Loyalists) – Kevin
Two Battles 1,500 point each using Planet Strike – Surprise Attack
Sector 2

The Astral Claws had been fortifying the power generator located on the planet Verkruz for several months.  While outside of the primary hive cities the generator supplied power to numerous agricultural communities responsible for supplying critical food stocks to the secessionist forces.  The Astral Claws Captain was well aware that its loss would severely constrict the Chapters ability to maintain a standing army on many of the hive cities located in the sector.

Klaxxons were blaring announcing the commencement of an attack.  The Astral Claws were not surprised as they had been tracking the Nova Marines fleet for several weeks.  The Nova Marines used the classic text book drop pod assault.  Thunder cannons were dropped just outside the complex and space marine laden drop pods focused their attack on the weakest part of the fortified complex.  Terminators, Vanguard veterans, and a dreadnought deep striked to add their fire power to the battle.  While the Astral Claws were in heavily fortified bunkers and gun emplacements, they were no match for the focused fire power of the Nova Marines.  The battle was not without cost to the Nova Marines, however, for their beloved Captain Aadok was seriously wounded leading the assault into the Astral Claws primary generator complex guarded by none other than the Captain of the Astral Claws.  The two Captains knew that each of them held the key to victory.  They faced off against each other like Roman gladiators in the arena, their troops standing back in awe as they charged forward and fought a brutal duel. 

Captain Aadok swung his power sword with such skill and speed that it was but a blur to the tenacious assault of his Astral Claws nemesis.  However, the Astral Claws Captain easily parried the flurry of blows and stepped back but for an instant and suffered only a minor wound.  His Nemesis was merely timing Captain Aadoks blows to wait for the perfect opening in his defense.  Soon, the Astral Claws Captain struck fast and deliberate, not a flurry of blows, but one blow, a coup de grace dropping Captain Aadok to the ground.  Upon seeing their beloved Captain fall, the remaining Nova Marines howled in rage and swarmed over the Astral Claws, shooting, cleaving, and carving a path to their fallen commander to reclaim his fallen body.  The Astral Claws Captain retreated or was spirited away by his own troops, however, the defenses were breached and their position untenable.  The Astral Claws retreated to lick their wounds and plot the assaults to throw the Nova Marines back into the void from whence they came.  Captain Aadok was seriously wounded, but he would live to see another battle, the death blow from his nemesis cost him the use of his second heart as it slowly healed.  It would be weeks before he was at full strength.  However, with possession of the generator, the Astral Claws had but one choice - to either retake the generator station or retreat from Verkurz leaving the garrison to fend for itself.

Victory: Nova Marines

The Apothecaries on the planet told Captain Aadok that he needed to remain under the care of the Apothecarion and be sequestered from activity for several weeks.  The battle had damaged his secondary heart which had to be isolated and allowed to heal and any strenuous activity would inhibit his abilities as they forced his blood not to clot to prevent serious complications on the internal flow of blood.  However, the Captain knew he had only days, if not hours before the Astral Claws regrouped and launched a counter-attack.  As that is what he would do. Captain Aadok deployed his Space Marines in defensive positions and placed his devastator squad in an elevated position on top of the generator.  He was grateful of the vindicator that had just arrived to help bolster the defense.  As well as a ten man assault squad held in reserves so he could react to any breach of his defensive line. 

The counter-attack came quick and furious as the Astral Claws assaulted the generator.  The Astral Claws had prepared for just this situation and had amassed an elite group supported by a terminator squad, vanguard veterans, scout snipers, and marines backed by armor.

Captain Aadok was taken aback by the initial attack by the sheer number of Nova Marines that had fallen in the first salvos of battle.  The Astral Claws vanguard assault squad landed and without any lossed quickly dispatched the Nova Marine assault squad limiting his ability to reinforce his faltering lines.  The Astral Claws Captain returned with vengeance. His squad quickly assaulted a fortified Nova Marine position killing all but two  Nova Marines between him and the generator.  The Nova Marine Vindicator and Astral Claws Predator engaged in a long range gunnery duel with each other.  Defeat looked imminent for the Nova Marines, however as a second founding Chapter, they are a noble chapter and do not fear death.   The Nova Marines fell back upon the great tomb of wisdom written by Guilliman and began to identify the Astral Claw squads that posed the greatest danger focus their fire upon.  At times least expected heroes do arise.  The Astral Claws Captain, fixated on the devastator squad and Captain Aadok, ordered his squad to dispatch the remaining Nova Marines and move forward.  However, the two Nova Marines began to dispatched Astral Claw after Astral Claw before giving their lives for the Emperor.  Using the precious time bought by their death the Nova Marines begsn eliminating various Astral Claws threats.  With his squad reduced in numbers, the Astral Claws Captain assaulted the generator and Nova Marine devastator squad.  The vengeance flared in his eyes as he charged straight for the Nova Marine Captain.  With his injuries Captain Aadok knew he was no match for his nemesis, the Astral Claws Captain.  However, Captain Aadok steeled himself and he would face his second battle with his nemesis with honor and glory.  Three Nova Marines tried to protect their Captain by placing themselves between the fury of the Astral Claws and their Captain. The split second it took to the Astral Claw Captain to kill the three marines was all Captain Aadok needed as his power sword sliced into the Astral Claw Captain ending his killing spree. With many squads on both sides below strength the Astral Claws began to falter.  Nova Marines gun fire began to effectively destroyed key Astral Claw squads.  The vindicator with his guns damaged rammed the predator but caused no damage.  With the attack broken and their Captain lying among the slain, the Astral Claws retreated leaving the power generator firmly in the Nova Marines Hands.

Victory: Nova Marines

Official Standings as of January 10:  (CP's = Campaign Points)

needed to claim: 25 either side

Sector 2: Secessionists = 5 Loyalists 

Sector 3: 
= 1. 

99, Secessionists = 86

Sector 4:No CP's for either side - CP's 

Sector 5: Secssionists = 0, Loyalists = 
48; Secessionists = 50

Sector 6: Secessionists = 8 Loyalists 
Secessionists; 39 for Loyalists

Sector 7: No CP's for either side - CP's 

needed to claim: 10 either side

CP's needed to claim: 32 for 

CP’s needed to claim: Loyalists = 

needed to claim: 100 either side.

CP’s needed to claim: Loyalists = 

Secessionists = 14, 

= 19 - CP's needed to claim: 51 for Loyalists, 65 for Secessionists

Sector 1: No CP's for either side - CP's 

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