Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Scourging of Verkruz

Astral Claw – (Secessionists) – Brooks
Nova Marines (Loyalist) – Kevin
Sector 2
Battle 1,500 points using Annihilation / Pitched Battle

Astral Claws: Captain, 10 terminators, 10 Vanguard, 10 scout sniper rifle, 10 space marines.
Nova Marines:  Captain & command squad, land raider crusader, dreadnought, attack bike, 3 units of 10 space marines.
Having consolidated their position around the power generator located on Verkruz, the Nova Marines began a series of recon missions.  Captain Aadok still recovering from his wounds directed Captain Shyam to recon, locate and establish a forward base in the Napf Valley. Upon arrival at the valley, the Nova Marines discovered the Astral Claws using the valley as an assembly point. 

Description: Description: C:\Users\Kevin\Pictures\OLYMPUS Master 2\2011\P1120129.JPGThe Nova Marines began to set up fire stations to strike at the Astral Claw's assembly point when they struck the Nova Marines positions in force.  Forward elements of Astral Claws scout snipers opened fire on the Nova Marines, drawing the dreadnought, attack bike, and one squad away from the main battle.   Astral Claws tactical marines and a vanguard assault squad launched their assault, but were quickly pinned down by the fire power the Nova Marines Crusader and dreadnought.  Knowing his army was out gunned the Astral Claws commander ordered the vanguard squad to assault the Nova Marines Landraider Crusader hoping to destroy it and its occupants, Captain Shym and his command squad.  The vanguards sold their lives as they absorbed the fire power of the Nova Marines and reached the Crusader with only a few men.  While the attack of the Vanguard was unsuccessful it was merely a diversion as a a full strength terminator squad teleported within assault distance of the Nova Marines Captain. 

Having dispatched the Astral Claws vanguards, the Nova Marines directed all fire at the terminators.  Four of the Astral Claws terminators were blown apart from Plasma Cannon fire.  With guns blazing, the terminators charged both the crusader and command squad.  The Nova Marines command squad was forged from blood and steel and weathered both the shooting and assault of the terminators killing several in return.  Anticipating the pending doom of their captain and his command squad the shaken Crusader repositioned itself to a better firing position.  Outnumbered the Nova Marines Captain prepared for the terminator assault.  Many blows were exchanged and both sides suffered losses, in the end the Nova Marines Captain laid broken and unconscious.  But as the dust settled, amidst the blood and carnage, a lone Nova Marines veteran stood.  With both sides bloodied, orders were given and both armies made tactical withdrawals to consolidate their forces.  

Games Results: Tie - Nova Marines 4 points and Astral Claws 4 points

Description: Description: C:\Users\Kevin\Pictures\OLYMPUS Master 2\2011\P1120133.JPGDescription: Description: C:\Users\Kevin\Pictures\OLYMPUS Master 2\2011\P1120131.JPG 

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