Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Pursuit of the Raptors - two Kill Team Missions

 Game 1. 200 pt kill teams
Jeff: raptors
5 Tac marines
5 assault marines
Andrew: Executioners
10 Tac Marines "Semper Victorai"
Spc Hector McLaury Heavy Bolter, Relentless
Sgt Talor Gannick: Power Weapon, Furious Charge.
 After a failed assault on Grief, a squad of the fleeing Loyalists belonging to the Raptors were tracked to a ruined factorum on one of the planets Adeptus Mechanicus Enclaves. Scout Sgt Fredricks and his scout cadre had tracked them and, as ordered, reported their location and activity.
 Sgt Gannick and his squad, known as the"Semper Victorai,'' were ordered to prevent them from rejoining their chapter brothers. So Gannick deployed near the factorum and advanced on their last known position. Good fortune! They had caught the loyalist scum off guard.   
  As they began their assault, two of enemy astartes were cut down by bolter fire from the newest inductees into the Semper Victorai. Elated at his first kill, one private advanced too far forward, and an enemy Assault Marine jumped forward and spat flaming prometheum onto the foolhardy marine and he collapsed, smoke rising from his armor. Sgt Gannick roared forward as he charged the big brute of an assault marine, and began a flowing pattern of slashing and stabbing until the big warrior bellowed in frustration and lunged for Gannick. In that one fatal moment, Gannick leaped forward and pierced the marines 2 hearts and with a grunt, he fell dead.
  Bolter fire cracked in the distance and Gannick heard two of his brothers confirm their kills. He then heard Spc. Mclaury calling for aid. He looked over to see him being assailed by yet another Assault Marine, but luckily he was a skilled fighter and had managed to avoid the deadly edge of the marines blade. Gannick lept over the rubble seperating himself from Spc. Mclaurey, jumped again and slammed the blade of his power gauntlet into the back of the assault marine, the momentum carrying it through the mans side.
   The enemy astartes rushed foward engaging with Gannicks squad in hand to hand combat. Gannick saw his opportunity, and moved to aid his occupied brothers. And within  20 seconds had killed yet another two of the enemy marines one being the enemy assault squads Sgt. He then heard the jubilant yell of victory coming through his com system. It was Cpl. Killian, who had just struck down his opponent. Now free of his engagement Killian rushed over to end the life of yet another of the loyalist marines who had double teamed one of his brothers.
   As the last loyalist fell, Gannick took a tally. Only two battle brothers lost, and one intiate severely burned. The apothecary insured Gannick that he would recover in two weeks. It was a resounding success but for the casulties.
Battle 2: 200 pt killteams
Jeff: 10 tactical marines: 1 lascannon, 1 meltagun.
Sgt: Furious Charge and powerweapon
tac marine: lascannon, relentless
Andrew: 10 Tactical marines: 1 Plasma gun, 1 heavy bolter
Spc McLaurey: Heavy Bolter, relentless
Sgt Talor Gannick: Power weapon, furious charge
Pvt. Marko Killian: Fleet.
  With the success of their first engagement on Grief, the Semper Victai were organized into one of many Hunter Killer squads, and then dispatched to a particularly well fortified sector of the Adeptus Mechanicus  Enclave.
  While on patrol, they approached a bunker 3 kilometers north east of the foward position communications battery that was established in the Adeptus Mechanicus Enclave. A brother signaled that he had seen the metallic flash of a bolter struck by sunlight. At Talors command the squad jumped into action. Spc McLaury rushed forward and leveled his bolter at the first loyalist he saw. Gouts of flame and smoke rushed from the barrel of his Mk III Heavy Bolter, and round casings littered the ground. After the smoke subsided he could see the only damage he had done was to gouge a rut into the marines shoulder pad.
 Gannick led four of his marines, including the young Killian around the the left side of the bunker. He looked around the corner swiftly and realized he had caught the enemy off guard once again, he gave the order charge. Two of his marines blazed away with their bolters while Killian positioned himself with Gannick. Gannik bellowed as he charged forward into the nearest marine and decapitated him with a back handed stroke of his bladed gauntlet. The bolters felled yet another of the loyalist marines as well.
  On the other side of the field McLaury caught a bolter round to the chest and was knocked unconscious. In retaliation a victoria brother wielding a plasma gun leveled his carbine at the marine who laid low his comrade, with the hellfire scream of plasma, he reduced the enemy astartes to little more than ashes. The other victorai with McLaury, charged forward and engaged two of the enemy marines in hand to hand.
  Just a few hundred feet away the Raptor Sergent, seeing his men fall, was angered to the breaking point. He charged Gannick screaming like a madman, and slammed his shoulder into Gannick, knocking him off his feet. As he fell, the Raptor Sergent split him from shoulder to hip releasing his spirit to the empyrean. A raptor leveled his lascannon and dealt a grievous wound to an unfortunate Victorai before heeding his sergents call to retreat. As he turned to run, Killians fellow initiate, Pvt. Loruin, leveled his bolter, thumbed the switch to rapid fire and with a deadly accurate fusillade of rounds, ended the life of the fleeing astartes.

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