Sunday, January 30, 2011

Astral Claw – (Secessionists) – Brooks
Nova Marines (Loyalist) – Kevin
Sector 2
Battle 1,500 points using Planet Strike Vanguard

Captain Aadok of the Nova Marines watched intensely as the jaw of his Chapter Master continually tightened.  The Chapter Master had been staring at intelligence reports on the communication facility located on Verkruz for several minutes.  Captain Aadok knew he didn’t have to speak the words needed to be brought out into the air.  “The facility is guarded by elite troops of the Astral Claws”.  Reports indicate that the Astral Claws Chapter Master has positioned himself there along with heavy armor, terminators, sternguard, and assault vanguard.  Without look up the Nova Marine Master simply said “I’ll go”.

The Nova Marine scouts had worked themselves into a building which would allow them to support the attack with their sniper rifles. They watch the first of the drop pods fall with it retro rockets firing to slow its decent.  He’s too early thought the scout sergeant without the support of the other marines they would be sitting ducks. The pod crashed to the ground releasing the marines.  The marines disembarked with skill only known to their chapter. One marine stepped forward and leveled his melta gun at the nearby land raider igniting its weapons storage into a ball of flames.  Caught by the surprise attack the Astral Claw terminators struggled to free themselves from the wreckage. Within seconds the air glowed as a second marine squad materialized within striking distance of a key communication array.  

The Astral Claw Frigate responded to their Chapter Master’s call for orbital bombardment.  The Captain reading off the firing coordinates with skill expected of the seasoned veteran.  Lieutenant Phani's heart stopped was it 00556 or 00565?  He must have said 005657 as the lance bean cut through the atmosphere.  With his focus on freeing himself from the burning land raider the Astra Claw terminator gasped as four of his brother were vaporized. With power weapons blazing, the Astral Claw Vanguard squad crashed into the Nova Marines seeking revenge for their brothers.  However, the near miss of the lance battery disrupted their attack and they were unable to wound any marines.

As the battle progress the remaining Nova Marine and terminator squad lead by the Chapter Master and dreadnought entered the battle.  With limited target the shooting was ineffective.  Both armies quickly found themselves locked in close combat.  With the help of the remaining Astral Claw terminators, the Vanguard squad was finally able to destroy their initial Nova Marine target only to have the Nova Marine Terminators and Chapter Master end their reign of terror.  The Nova Marine Scout move into a better position to take control of one the communication arrays.  With all squads locked in close combat the Astral Claw Sternguard had no targets to shot.  The Nova Marine dreadnought found a creative way of disrupting the third communication array.  Faced with destroying the landing pad, he simple opted to walk under the building to unplug the wires from below.  Unable the shoot at the dreadnought the Astral Claw were helpless when all communications from their array stopped.  The Astral Claw Chapter Master found himself and his squad locked in battle.  Through a battle of arbitration the Astral Claw Chapter Master was thrown to the ground.

As the smoke cleared the Nova Marines were in control of two communication arrays with the third one disabled.  The battle lines had shifted that day as remaining Astral Claws retreated carrying the limp body of their Chapter Master.

Games Results: Nova Marine Victory - Nova Marines 12 points and Astral Claws 5 points

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One shot wonder as land raider goes up in flames

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Brooks Orbital Bombards his own terminators

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