Monday, January 10, 2011

Flames of War - the Early War Files

We have been building Flames of War Early War armies for the past two years.  The French are now a complete Infantry company, a complete cavalry tank company, and several attachments from the reserves including Char B1bis platoons (7 total tanks), Char 2C Lourde breakthrough tanks (7 of them - or essentially all of them that DIDN'T break down at the first opportunity or that were scrapped for parts), plus several artillery units and some French Foreign Legion and Dragoons.  The German army is also very large with over 60 tanks and other vehicles, and at least 70 stands of infantry.  They are lacking in artillery - something I intend to rectify when my painting table clears up a bit.  This year we are starting up some hypothetical (and in some instances - historically accurate) battles of the failed Italian invasion of France in 1940 in support of the Germans.  I hope to have pictures of the first battles after January 23, 2011.  So stay tuned!


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