Thursday, January 13, 2011

Badab War Update 1-12-2011

Endymion Cluster - Sector 2

Loyalist Howling Griffons (Eric) 1st time playing SM in eons.
Secessionist Astral Claws (Brooks)

Eric set up a scout squad with a chaplain in ruins in center of his deployment zone. Other scouts were deployed in the 3rd story ruins.
Brooks set up scout squad in ruins near center of his deployment zone & placed Captain with Space Marines in the center board 18" from Eric.  Eric had the initiative to take the first turn, Matt S. reminded us of SEIZE THE INITIATIVE & Brooks rolled a 6.  (For those of you who are reading this - Brooks rolling a "6" is like Larry Leadhead rolling a 6!)
Turn 1:  Brooks moved the SM. Vanguard jump in from table edge & ran 2" during the shooting phase. The Scouts fired upon the enemy scouts and missed 9 out of 10 times rolling 1s & 2s and Eric saved the one wound scored. The other SM squad ran 1" during the shooting phase, no assaults yet.

Eric moves up the center of the table with a Sternguard squad w/captain,  a techmarine & devastator squad w/rhino also moved on.  Additionally, a drop pod with a dreadnought deployed and with the combined shooting of the Scouts and the dreadnought, they managed to kill two of the Vanguard Veterans advancing up the center. 

Turn 2
Brooks terminators were delayed in reserves and did not appear. Brooks Vanguard jumped over the dreadnought shot with plasma pistols which resulted in a weapon destroyed (CC weapon) & a gets hot which kills a Vanguard.  They then charged and the assault was a draw with zero casualties.  The shooting from the other units was a non-event as those that hit failed to wound, or were saved.

Lots of stuff blows up, dies or otherwise happens as the battle report breaks down due to communications problems in the vox transponders for both sides!  The Astral Claws Terminators finally arrive from deep strike and shoot up the Howling Griffon Sterngaurd squad, but two survived.  The Astral Claws Vanguard finally destroy the Howling Griffon dreadnought. The Astral Claws Vanguard lost 4 marines during the assault and shooting, two were killed by the Howling Griffons, two were killed by weapons malfunctions.  The Astral Claws and Howling Griffons Captains slug it out with the Howling Griffon Captain slaughtering the Astral Claws Captain who dies with a whimper.  The last Astral Claws Space Marine missed his attacks and the remaining 4 Howling Griffins smashed him into an early grave.  In a blood bath for both sides, the Howling Griffins lose by 1 kill point.
Seccesionist Astral Claws: CP's 8
Loyalist Howling Griffons: CP's 1

Again the Astral Claws were active in Sector 2:

Sector 2 1500 points, rule book Annihilation / Pitch Battle.
Astral Claws (Brooks) Captain, 10 terminators, 10 Vanguard, 10 scout sniper rifle, 10 space marines.
Nova Marines (Kevin) Captain & command squad, land raider crusader, dreadnought, attack bike, 3 units of 10 space marines.
The Crusader killed lots of Vanguard who later assaulted the crusader & only succeeded in pissing it off & having it vomit the Nova Marine Captain & command squad.  The Astral Claws Terminators finally showed shooting up the Nova Marines command squad. The last two Astral Claws Vanguard attacked Nova Marines Captain & last Command squad marine only to scratch their storm shield and Iron Halo before being squished by the Nova Marines power fist.  The Nova Marines Captain & trooper consolidated away from the crusader only to be assaulted by the Astral Claws Terminators. The crusader got shaken and the Nova Marine Captain & marine survived several assault phases killing Terminators until finally the Nova Marine Captain died on turn 5.
The Nova Marine Dreadnought, attack bikes & marines managed to kill seven scouts by turn 5. By Turn four the dreadnought was almost within assault range of the scouts but they failed their leadership causing a tactical withdrawl but still shooting.  The Astral Claws lost a few good men, the Nova Marines lost five out of thirty.
At the end of turn 5 the Astral Claws rolled a 2 ending game with a draw.
Astral Claws:  4 CP's
Nova Marines:  4 CP's

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