Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Exorcists attempt to take control in Sector 7!

Mathew and Scott fought three battles in Sector 7 and here are the reports:

1st Battle: *500pt* Exorcist vanguard trying to establish a landing zone colliding with the initial Astral Claw pickett line.
Commanders: Force Commander Leetamus Onus (Matt W.) of the Astral Claws vs. unknown Force Commander (Scott) of the Exorcists.
Battle type: Capture and Control with special rules Infiltrate and Night Fight 1st round.
Report: The Exorcist scouting party had established 2 primary landing zones to begin dropping their heavy equipment for the siege to come and found no resistance establishing the first zone. However, as they moved across the open field to clear the second zone they encountered the Astral Claw scouts tracking their every move with sniper rifles. The battle was fierce as the Exorcists attempted to silence the pickett line and take the second landing zone, while the Astral Claw defenders following the lead of Chaplain Pwnzorus attempted to force the vanguard back off the planet for good. The Excorsist forces were too strong on the initial landing point to be pushed off, resulting in the loss of Chaplain Pwnzorus soon after he had slain the Exorcists Librarian.  The scouts defending the second landing zone were able to repel the invaders and hold their position long enough to send a report back to command. Although the Exorcists have established a point to begin landing troops, the Astral Claws would be ready...
Final result: Draw, one objective held by each force.  No campaign point award to either side.
2nd Battle: *750* Initial Exorcist attempt to crack the Astral Claws defense network
Commanders: Force Commander Leetamus Onus (Matt W.) of the Astral Claws vs. unknown Force Commander (Scott) of the Exorcists.
Battle Type: Planetfall (Planetstrike rules)
Report: Having established a landing zone, the Exorcists chose to move against the nearby Astral Claws bastion resting on a cliffside overlooking the hilly terrain. Chaplain Pwnstarus of the Astral Claws commanded the troops there, and although the initial orbital bombardment brought a bunker down on his head, he was able to free himself from the rubble and lead the defenders as the enemy forces began teleporting and dropping onto the battlefield. Although Chaplain Pwnstarus fell when he lept into close combat with a force of Terminators that had teleported in behind his defences, the massed fire of his Sternguard Veteran Squad Teabagerus backed by a tactical and devestator squad prooved too much for the Exorcist Librarian leading his tactical squads and their Terminator support. Though losses were heavy (with the exeption of Devestator Squad Smokenemus which walked away unscathed) The Astral Claws emerged victorious, laying the Exorsists down to the last man.
Final result: Victory Astral Claws. (4 campaign points to Astral Claws, 1 campaign point to Exorcists)
3rd Battle: *750* Astral Claws attempt to move across the plains to retake the Excorcist landing zone and end the battle for Planet Urbase
Commanders: Force Commander Leetamus Onus (Matt W.) of the Astral Claws vs. unknown Force Commander (Scott) of the Exorcists.
Battle Type: Dawn of War (Battle scenario book who's name I forget) Infiltrate and night fight 1st round
Report: Captain Beatdownus moved his forces to engage the now steady flow of Exorcist forces emerging from the landing zones. The new Librarian for the Excorsists saw the approach and readied his men for the assault. Captain Beatdownus immediatly threw himself and his assult squad into the midst of the enemy leader and his terminator support and after several minutes of intense combat finally forced the enemy leader back, though he himself had to fall back as several tactical squads had rushed to their leader's support and overwhelmed him. The apothecaries on both sides had their work cut out for them, quickly mending the troops and sending them back into the frey, even both the leaders made a reapprerance for a short time. However, the Exorcists having felt the wrath of the Astral Claw Chaplains twice now were looking for Chaplain Baitus, sending him back to the apothecary every time he tried to rejoin the battle, the morale he inspired when winning soon crumbling the spirit of his forces with his repeated defeats. Though Captain Beatdownus was loath to do so, he pulled his men back to the unbroken bastion to recover their losses.
Final result: Victory Exorcists. (4 campaign points to Exorcists, 1 campaign point to Astral Claws)
Current Status of Sector 7, Split evenly between Loyalist and Seccessionist forces. The next battles should seal the fate of the sector for one side or the other.
*This report was produced from the veiwpoint of Apothecary Couchtaterus of the Astral Claws, thus the document may seem one sided in its descriptions to future historians.*

Updated Chart of the sectors and the campaign to date:

Loyalist CP’s
Secessionist CP’s
Required CP’s
Sector 1
Sector 2
Sector 3
Sector 4
Sector 5
Sector 6
Sector 7

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